Can’t remove an associated document from a notebook

Hi everyone,
title is self explanatory. Would you please advice? Please see picture below.


@camgarciarafael You cannot remove the first document in your Associated documents list. I guess MN considers it a core document of some sort. Basically each Study requires you to have one document and MN just picks the first in the list as that one that is required.

You can work around it by reordering that first document to position 2 (or higher/lower) and remove it from there. If you want to remove all documents you’ll have to add a blank dummy document first in position one and then remove the others as you still have to satisfy that one document per study minimum requirement.

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Thank you!!

Thanks for the workaround!

Can I just say that that issue with MN is rather dumb! :slight_smile: It’s not good UI practice to do that. If they require 1 document, when the list goes down to just 1 item, either disallow the removal of the document by hiding that button at that point, or better yet, an alert pops up to indicate that 1 document must remain in the list when the user presses that button.

I’m sure there are even more elegant ways to address this issue than what I’ve described.

Agreed, tis one of the many minor quibbles with the UX in MN. I do love working in MN and have managed to navigate around all those minor issues. There are things I’d prefer they deal with first but if doing this means only a small bit of coding then by all means it will likely resolve some of the confusion. For example: why is my first document unnumbered? lol

Good point! I hadn’t even noticed that.