Can we auto locate document location with key pressed?

Now auto locate document location can just be activated or inactivated, which leads to that jumping to location would just be in a sudden if any click on mindmap node while activated.

Can there be a feature that set a key such as CONTROL or COMMAND, and locating will happen when we click on node with pressing that key?

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Well, many people have fed back the need for temporary jump. You often need to review the review card, so you need it, right?

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Support Team

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Temporary jump is needed but auto jumping has only two mode: jump on click & not jump on click.
My suggestion is to add third mode: jump on click while pressing specific key.
Are this feature stays aganist temporary jump or review?

In auto jump mode, sometimes abitrary click will cause unexpected jump, while jump is inconvenient (you must click right corner of the mindmap node, and then click jump) in not jump mode.
Please consider a better way for jumo if pressing jump feature will not be supported.