Can You Auto-add to mind map have a keyboard eqivalent?

I often want to research a term without excerpting it. I turn off Auto-add to mind map. This isn’t overly troublesome because my hand is on the mouse/trackpad anyway but there are times I’ve waited to just press a key. Simply adding it to the menu bar would suffice because then I could set it to something I find pleasing however I’d adapt to any solution.

Edit: As an aside, I seem to recall a way to do this but I’d like to distinguish ‘selecting’ for research and ‘highlighting’ for excerpt. When I want to research something that is part of an excerpt it is hard to see the highlight on top of the highlight and I’m afraid I’ll forget to go back and delete that excerpt of an excerpt later.

If you’re using a Mac, I guess you could customize that under System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts.

But yeah, they should have a keyboard shortcut for everything…


Thank you, I don’t think that is quite what I’m looking for however I was aware of the App Shortcuts in System Preferences. I perhaps did a poor job of explaining my request. I’ll try to clear it up when I have some time.

Thanks for the response!