Cannot add duplicate PDFs to MN3

I want to add multiple copies of the same document to MN3 for use in different Notebooks, as I want to annotate the documents differently.
MN will not let this happen. :thinking:
I have tried to move the file to different Notebooks, I have tried renaming them. I have tried editing the first document after renaming it, and then uploading a new, unedited copy, and it won’t allow this either.
Please help :pray:

You can use the same document in multiple notebooks.

Just add it and then start excerpting.

The excerpts from the document that you made in other notebooks will not show in the new notebook.

If you open the document in document mode, you can then see which notebooks it is linked to.

You can also show the excerpts made for the document in each notebook.

In document mode, after selecting a notebook (top left button) only excerpts from the document that were made in that notebook are shown.

From here, you can also easily access the respective study notebooks.

Well…I never. OF COURSE.
Thanks so much! :pray:
I will now trundle off as I hum the “Noobs on MN3” theme song.

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


you could use layers to handle this problem

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Support Team

Thank you. I was not aware of this concept. Neat!