Cannot browse Blinkist content

While using the SetApp version of MN3 on Mac I can browse the Blinkist site when using the MN3 Research or Web Page import browser but the web pages do not load with any attempt to view content.

However on iPad I am able to view content as I should be unlike on Mac.

Usually if you click on an item (book/audiobook) you’ re usually sent to a page with the description and an option to add it to your library, once it’s in you’re library you have the option to read or play it.
I cannot get to either of these pages for new content or those already in my library.

Is this due to some restriction implemented by Blinkist or MarginNote?
Would it be considered infringement when using the type of browser implemented by MN to view (and possibly download) the content?

If not, does the MN browser not support whatever technology is used to render those pages?

My Solution / work-around on Mac: using the Share option described at Point #3 here resolves this: Downloading a web page as a PDF