Can't delete a document completely

I delete a document both locally and from iCloud, I rename this document in my computer and edit the TOC of the document. After I re-import the document into the MarginNote 3(Version 3.6.6 (3.6.6004)), It shows the previous name of the document and the TOC of the document and the notes don’t change at all.

It seems that there is a cache/memory document in MarginNote 3 and I can’t find it and delete it correctly. Also, every time I delete the document from MarginNote and re-import it. A notebook created for me but it is numbered “#1”. For example, after the book 《Fantasy》be modified out of MarginNote 3 and be re-imported into MarginNote3, it will be bound with a notebook named <Fantasy #1>, which means there must be an old version notebook still there and I can’t delete it and find it.

The issue has wasted me several hours and I am super upset.

Help me, please. And the TOC editing feature is really important.

I seem to have found the solution to this issue: click File/clear temp storage. Then all is done. Idk if it is the right way but it works for me.

EDIT: it doesn’t work. Same problem keep recurring.