Can't erase handwritings after changing iPad

Dear devs,

I changed to M1 iPad from old iPad 6th gen and all the migrated notes now have fixed handwritings.
I backed up Marginnote not with iCloud because of too little space left and I just “migrated” between iPads. To my surprise, iPad somehow magically transferred all my Marginnote data from the old iPad so I thought it was all set.

However, when tried to erase some handwritten ink on a migrated note, it was no longer possible to do so. My handwritings were just “fixed” on the document.

Is this an expected behavior? Is there any way to fix this ? (FYI, I already factory reset my old iPad)

Thanks devs.


Hello, you need to change to marginnote handwriting engine, or use lasso tool to select handwriting and delete it

Kind Regards,
Support Team