Can't import video after setting up notebook

I’m using the MAC version.

When I first create a notebook I can import almost any type of document, including video.

But when it is created, I can only import documents from mind manager, or evernote etc. - not a video for example, the way I could after initially creating the notebook.

If this is true, then it means that a notebook can not grow organically for me, as I find new things to add to it.

Is there a way to import all types of documents after the notebook has been setup ?

Thank you in advance,

I found it!

In the study mode, I can click on “manage” and then I can add files :slight_smile:

thank you


Glad to see you found it.

Marginnote accepts PDF, Epub, and some video files as documents, and we can select multiple documents to create a notebook.In the notebook, we can also add new documents at any time using the document binding management.

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Support Team