Categories for the forum

With more interaction here on the forum it would make it easier for everyone if there were more categories than MN3 and Misc. to chose from much like in uservoice forums.

I‘d suggest

  • Bugs
  • General
  • Document
  • Study
  • Review

I could imagine more granular categories such as sub-categories or feature requests in the future.


I might suggest

  • Desktop
    • Workflows
    • Feature Requests
    • Support
  • iOS
    • Workflows
    • Feature Requests
    • Support



Hi, now I’m working on update the Categories for the forum to adapt a Forum powered Wiki project( ). And since Mac and IOS version is Common-Pool code by now.
My envision design is

  • Wiki&Workflows
    • Mac Monopoly
  • Bugs&Support
    • Mac Monopoly
  • General&Feature discussion
    • Mac Monopoly

How do you see it?

Too confusing. :dizzy_face:

The use of & signs in the categories suggests that the category is too broad.

  • Workflows (post questions and insights on how to do things in MN)
  • Feature Requests (request new features)
  • [Support] (report bugs)

As a user of apps that run on iOS and macOS that have support forums (DEVONthink and Bookends), I also prefer their approach to divide forums for the two devices.

Bookends prefers if not insists that users contact support via email. Zengobi has a support category.


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