Change font/size of titles

How do you modify the font of a title within the mind map? Currently I have many maps that require substantial zooming to see effectively. This is mostly cause because I cannot see the very small title font. Is there a way to increase the size of the titles in the mind map? Thanks

There are requests about increasing the size of cards (so the titles), zoom sensivity and adjusting usability of comment section already.
We are waiting…


Hello, do you mean to change the font size of the title only?Currently, only the font size can be changed uniformly in the system for all notes.

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Thanks for your reply. Could this please be added as a feature request? I imagine this wouldn’t be too difficult to implement, but the benefit in a large mind map would be tremendous. Thanks!

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There have indeed been other threads with ideas about this.

The basic problem is how to make the mind map more readable when zooming out of a big mind map. At that point none of the text is readable and it becomes hard to understand the structure of the mind map.

Having the title font size adjust dynamically would be one idea.

Another approach discussed elsewhere is to have something like Google Maps where the title labels are emphasised based on the level of zoom, so at a high level only show the high level areas (like countries) and then when zooming, emphasise the titles for lower levels as appropriate (so regions for mid level zoom and finally street names at low level zoom).

Right now it is just too easy to get lost when looking at a big mind map that is zoomed out but hopefully the devs will come up with a creative solution.


I agree with you, Google maps type tags will make easy navigation and readability.
For me personally, the process of usage MN with productive way took a lot of time. But finally; taking all the information mind map so not going back to document and all framework perspective has been the two biggest thing for easy access and adjustments.

I hope there will be solitons primarily for readability and easier Apple Pencil access…

Agreed a google maps style implementation would be great. But could we not just start with font sizing? I feel like that’s a fairly rudimentary element that could be implemented in the short term…