Change in MN card won’t follow to anki when upploaded to anki

I have an old card from MN3 that I uploaded to anki two months ago, but now when I’m rewriting the card in MN3 and trying to upload it again to anki the change in the card that I have done won’t follow to anki. Anki says upload completed but I can’t see the change, the old card is the same. I have meet this problem before, usually I delete the old card in anki and then the upploading of the rewritten card to Anki will work properly but the spacing data will be lost. I have tried to isolate the problem but can’t find it.

I have noticed that MN3 have created a lot of note types but I’m not sure if it has anything to do with that. Would be happy if somebody could give me an explanation or solution for this problem, thanks!