Color of dotted-line of link is too bright and not visible enough

I use a lot of links to link between mind map nodes. However it is often not very visible because the color of the line is ambient yellow. That’s like the worst color for visibility, especially for people like me who use night mode.

Could you please consider changing the default link line’s color to a brighter color?

Marginnote is already great and amazing but there’s always some room for improvement.

Hi Koreader,

MN 3.5 has optimized Dark Mode colors. Please check if got better.

Best Regards,
Support Team

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Hi Lanco,

Thanks for the update. I like dark mode’s color choices that make everything distinct and visible but the problem is that I don’t use dark mode theme at all… Could you give some color improvements on vanilla default MN theme too?

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Sorry, I’m not very clear about the question since you said night mode that my comprehension is dark mode.

The screenshots may help me understand the trouble.

I was talking about the UI theme from the settings.
White is what I use. Dark is what you suggested I think? But I prefer White theme and I hope it has more distinctive colors…