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I use Finereader program for converting scanned documents into pdf and read them in Marginnote. The problem is that I can’t drag Korean text properly when I open a pdf file converted by Finereader into “searchable pdf,” which is an option for making ocr-recognized pdf. This doesn’t happen in English scanned, ocr-recognized pdf. I can drag text properly in other ipad apps, such as pdf expert, and also in windows pdf programs like adobe acrobat pro dc. Maybe the finereader ocr engine in Marginnote is colliding with the text layer already created by Finereader program?
I sent feedback through Marginnote app and customer service email, and no replies…
I’d appreciate it if this problem is solved because I need to view ocr-recognized pdf files in multiple platforms.

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Hello, lite,

Welcome to the MarginNote Forum. I’m sorry about it maybe my coworkers haven’t noticed your email.
I have tested your document in my device. And I encounter the same problem you mentioned in the post. However, after I using the Finescanner (ABBYY) to recognize the files again and import them into MarginNote3, I’m able to drag Korean text properly. So I guess maybe it’s because of different formats.

Don’t worry, I will submit your issue to the developer and give your other solutions as soon as possible.

Hello, lite,
According to Developer-min, it may be caused by the special font of korean characters. If you have purchased OCR Pro, just click excerpt settings and select “always” for “Select Text By Offline OCR”, and you are able to select Korean text properly.

Thank you for quick assistance. Offline OCR text selection “always” option solved the problem, and saving as pdf/a searchable pdf in Finereader program also worked out well.

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