Completely delete a document

I imported a “clean” PDF (i.e. without any annotations) into MN3 on Mac to perform a test.
I added a few notes (text excerpt + comment) but didn’t create any notebook or add the notes to existing notebooks.

After the test I deleted the document (local and iCloud), cleared temp storage and trashed bin.

Later the same day I reimported the same PDF and to my surprise the old notes (added during previous test) was there.
Where does MN stores that notes and how can I completely forget a doc and start afresh?

P.S. I know that I can quickly delete the old notes and add the new ones but my question is more on a conceptual level; I want to understand what’s going on.

Did you delete the document within MN? If so, did you chose to keep the annotations?

Interesting. How can I decide to keep/delete the annotations?
What I did:
in the document tab I pressed the three dots icon and then chose “Delete”. I was prompted to choose what will be deleted (local vs iCloud + local) and I chose to delete iCloud + local.

I can’t remember being asked about the annotations.

PS I’m using the Mac Desktop version

I see you can decide to keep or discard annotations when you’re deleting a notebook.
But, as I’ve written, I didn’t create a notebook; just made a few annotations in Document mode and then deleted the document.

@Lanco_Support-Team, any tips about how to completely delete a document?
Would be much appreciated.

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This is a known-issue. We have worked on this to fix.
The notebook which doesn’t transform into Mindmap notebook cannot be deleted.

Tips: transform it into Mindmap notebook then delete it and wait for officail release.