"Copy Note URL" into popup menu

I often use this command to link MN to other applications e.g. to Obsidian or Craft. To use this it is cumbersome to edit the note, click on the … menu, select this and close the note again (see here)

Copy Note URL is available under the edit menu with a note selected. It’s Command-Shift-C (or perhaps I’ve set it up to be that). You could bind it however you’d like of course.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 7.37.29 AM

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:blush: didn‘t look there, thank you!
But as I am working mostly on my iPad (without keyboard) another option would be useful.

Agreed, this is something I also do a lot however I don’t find myself often using the iPad to work cross application so I didn’t really notice its poor lack of support for this feature.

@Support-Team please bring the Copy Item URL functionality closer to the surface on the iPad?

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