"Copy the clone of 1 note(s) to the clipboard" keeps popping up when I don't want it


I have been using MarginNote for a while, but I am only using the basic features and I am not any advanced user.

Recently whenever I double click on a card, the notification “Copy the clone of 1 note(s) to the clipboard” shows up, and it is blocking my screen, and it is really annoying to constantly see this unwanted notification. I have restarted my computer and check for preference setting, but nothing worked.

I didn’t alter any changes in the software, so I don’t understand why is this happening?

Can anyone please help me out if they have experience with this?

The attached image is an example of what is happening.


Do you have a plugin loaded from the forum?

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Same problem here, as in my case I don’t have any plugin and I don’t know why this “Copy the clone of 1 note(s) to the clipboard” keeps showing up…