Copying text format

When we work on a text or on excerpts, would it be possible, like in Word, with a combination of keys, to copy a text formatting?
It will save a lot of time and make the software run smoother

I’m not always the best at it but when requesting a feature it might help to describe your work flow, that way the developers can better understand how to implement the feature, or perhaps the feature is already there but it’s hard to understand given the feature identified in isolation of other tasks.

For example, I would not find this useful at all but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful, it just means that this feature doesn’t fit into my workflow.

Questions I would have are: Does that mean you want nodes to also have the same format in the excerpts that is in the source document? Or do you literally mean “copy” from a source document to paste into some other application?

When copying text from web pages and PDF’s on the Mac (not from MarginNote) formatting is usually preserved (to varying extents). But I usually don’t want the formatting so I have to paste ‘unformatted’ or ‘paste and match style’ in my destination program.

No, what I’m looking for is to be able to highlight either in a defined color or in a larger font a text in an extract when I have already made this same change in another extract in order to highlight important words: a cut and paste format

I agree that the support for text formatting could be improved. Although like @happycatmachine, I usually just want plain text, it would be good if MarginNote behaved like most other apps.

I.e., when you copy some text, you actually get a piece of RTF on the clipboard that includes the typeface, size, color, and formatting, so that your text looks exactly the same when you paste it elsewhere. To get plain text, there should be an option to “Paste and Match Style”, which has also been requested previously.


Thank you for writing in. I have raised your request to our Development team but we cannot assure a time frame when it will be put into effect. Please feel free to contact us again if you need any assistance and we will be happy to provide further help.

Kind Regards,
Support Team