Crash during document search

I would like to report a bug that causes MN to crash every time I do a search through the documents loaded in Study mode.

Has this being framed already? Is there a solution to that?

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@Lanco_Support-Team @Sushi_Support-Team

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I do a search several times a day across documents. One study of mine has 67 documents with a combination of ePubs and PDFs. I’ve yet to see a crash (knock on wood) when doing a search. I would suspect that it is a particular document that is the problem.

If I was faced with your situation, this is what I would do:

  1. Duplicate the project you are having trouble with

  2. In the duplicate, try the search, does it still crash? If so proceed to step 3 (if not, delete the old project and use the new one)

  3. Remove half of the documents in the study.

  4. Do the search, does it crash? If so then proceed to step 5 (if not, go back to step 1 and in step 3 remove the OTHER half of the documents)

  5. Continue removing half the documents until it doesn’t crash, then go back and remove the other half. It’s the divide and conquer method of finding a problem element in a large stack of elements.


If you’ve not emptied your application trash or cleaned up the database recently, that might be a good thing to do as well.

Hi @happycatmachine,

Thanks for your message. This problem is extended across all my study documents, around 20-30. I only use PDFs for my study and the only way I found to do a search without MN crashing is by exiting the study mode, going into a single document and do the search there (obviously, not ideal).

I thought that may be a recurrent problem for everyone loading several documents (20-30) into a single study-document, but you just confirmed you are able to search with no issues…

I just tried deleting all the trash files and notes, unfortunately the problem persist :frowning:
Maybe I should try reinstalling the app. I haven’t try this yet because I am afraid of loosing some information in the process.