Crashed on Mac os 10.16

The application will crash when I open it.

I have the same problem after the last update


I solved it by closing magnet. such layout management application is not compatible with the new OS.

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hi, Vincebin

may i know how to close magnet ??


I think @vincebin refers this program. But even when I don’t have Magnet the MN3 crashes on me! :confused:

oh… I don’t have Magnet as well, my OS is 10.11.6

may i have the previous version of MN3 before this bugs are solved ?

My mac has OS 10.11.6. Now I try to download MN3 v3.5.9 on internet, I’ll check it out and give a feedback in here.

Edit: v3.5.9 didn’t work

Btw MN2 works perfectly I think I will go with it for a while. It is too sad that I can not use MN3 on my Mac. :unamused:

It is found that the software for automatic window layout adjustment such as magnet, BTT conflict with MarginNote3 under the new system, close the line, and this problem comes from the system kernel, the temporary solution is to close such software.


I closed such software (it was magnet for me) without any luck.

Are you working on a solution?