Crashes within minutes with pdf and EPub


Hello, I’ve sent in a bug report via email last week about MN3 crashing within minutes on any file I try to read (they all work in MN2). I’ve also sent in logs from device regarding crashes. I need to get it working, what is the best method to get support? Thanks


Could you share the crashes here or tell me your email so I can search email history for your report.


What’s your device type , os version and app version, I’ll try to find your logs.


Sure here you go:

iPad 10.5

iOS 12.1



Please follow steps below to share with us the crash logs, thanks!


Hello, I forwarded again some e-mails I sent you previously. The crash logs privacy/analytics should be in them still as attachments. I’ll also manually send some crash logs from that ipad in a few minutes. Thanks for checking them out.


I just sent 12 separate emails with crash logs from privacy/analytics to the support email as well. Thanks again


Just an update. Today, I upgraded to 3.1.5 hoping that would help, but the crashing issues are still there.


I have checked the crash logs and didn’t find the reason of the crashes.
How many documents on your device?