Create a 'box note' like for notes from imported documents

Whenever I add notes from some document to a ‘study’ mindmap, these cards appear within a grey-blue box with the document name; this is an amazing feature.

In the following image, you can see I have taken some quotes from the Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Philosophy. Here, I can cite the quotation source easily and minimize it, if necessary.

I was wondering, however, if I could add a grey-blue box like that without it being associated with a document. Could I create a box entitled, for example, ‘Hegel’ ?


Yes, you can! However, in order to create a gray box, you have to click on a parent node (you can create a new node by double-clicking on the mindmap and type in what you want), select branch style, and select framework. Hopefully, that could help you!

Kind Regards,
Support Team