Creating your own notebook

I just discovered this feature, which is new to me ;-DD.

I am studying for an official exam in spain and I have 71 units or themes to study. I got all the info, PDF, downloaded on MN3. I have already read it all and made my excerpts on the mind map. But I need to write my own stuff.

I created a new notebook with all my notes by adding blank pages on each unit of my classes. And here is where I handwrite all my resumes of each unit.

I’m so blown away that I suscribed to the forum…

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Cool - I didn’t know we could add pages of graph paper.

Hold on - I just tried this on iOS and my only 2 options were to add a blank page or a lined page to the PDF. Is it possible to add graph paper as shown above, or as that added outside of MarginNote?

I just added a graph paper PDF I found on internet just as you’d do with regular books. And then began to make a summary of the mind map.
What’s strange is that if you add that same page to a second mind map, you begin with a new blank page, but they pile app… It is strange, better try it for yourself.

Check out my favourite pdf paper making website. Click on any of the samples to almost completely customise your paper

Then of course I discovered ZoomNotes which allows for extensive paper customisation within the app :smiley: but that is just for writing.