CRITICAL document recover issue


Tonight I have somehow corrupted a CRITICAL mindmap notebook and can no longer open it (MN keeps crashing when I try).

I believe that I clicked the “Title Link” option and it crashed the app (see screenshot). Now each time I try to open the mindmap notebook it crashes the app. The mindmap seems to be stuck in a configuration that is crashing the app. I need this for my lecture tomorrow. Please recover and send back to me if you can, or advise how I can do it.

I love the app, there is so much cool stuff about it. I brought my 1500 CHF ipad pro so that I could use this app at uni. That’s how much potential I see in it. But for me this app is buggy as hell. The file syncing/recovery is terrible. If this had happened to me in exam time I would be absolutely screwed. Please reply to my support email ASAP.

Any luck so far? I’m terrified of this exact scenario, especially with the buggy nature of the software, random sync issues and lack of a robust export function.

That said, I’m with you in loving the software. I feel it’s close to amazing, but just needs a few tweaks to get there.

Nothing from MN yet - but I figured out this morning that creating a new notebook and merging the “crashing” one into it allows me to open again. Phew! :smiley:

I will definitely be using this “Save in Historical Archives” feature now - Would be nice if the archiving happened automatically.

Reliability is definitely a concern with this app and this experience was an eye opener for me. That being said, for me the benefits still outweigh the risk, which I hope is manageable (but a serious pain).
Frequent archive saves and backups are a must. I will probably do some intermittent pdf exports as well just in case. Welcome to the future-past! :rofl:

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Glad you got it figured out!

What exactly does “save in archive” do that the cloud sync function doesn’t?


Save in archive is kind of like revisioning whereas cloud sync will overwrite previous versions. This is to say that if a document becomes corrupted and then syncs the corrupted file, if you don’t have it saved in archive there is not a way (that I know of) to revert to the previous state.

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