Custom fonts anyone?

Hello everyone!

I’ll cut to the chase. Fonts. Why can’t we add them?

I notice that on the ipad, system fonts, including fonts I’ve added, do appear for use within the notes. But they are not an option for reading books. MarginNote 3’s fonts have improved greatly from the days of MarginNote 2, but that was quite a while ago.

ePub files often come with their own embeddd fints and formats in the HTML. Why doesn’t MN3 have an option to use render this publisher formatting. Why can’t I add my own custom fonts or download more open fonts that are already part of my system settings?

Lastly , why can’t I customize paragraph and margin spacing? I find the margins are a bit too wide and make the text center too much. This is more obvious as the font size (which is also restrictive) grows.

When it comes to formatting, we really should expect the following in a decent e-reader:

  • more fonts
  • ability to add custom fonts
  • more background color options
    -separate background color options for notes and books (example: yellow notes over gray pages)
  • more font size control, from 8 pt. to 100 or 150 pt or something suitably large
    -margin size control on side margins AND top and bottom margins.
  • paragraph spacing control
  • justify text, hyphenate text options
  • allow for rendering ePub file in default publisher format
  • customize header/footer information (page number, chapter name, book title, author?)

That last one hinges on one important thing that is missing from the app: metadata support. I wish I could add metadata to book files in MarginNote, but I can’t. Author/book title are not visible. Instead we only have “category” which seems like a temporary measure that has stayed on for too long.

I will share some mockup samples soon if anyone is interested.

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