Customize links a bit more


Would it be possible to customize links a little bit more?
I’d like to see links displayed in my notes differently depending on what they mean to me.

On this example below, I’d like to see on the top-note the link to A-note diplayed with couloured background and the link to B-note displayed with an other background color. Or arrow icon could be coloured. Or any other customization so that the two links display differently.
(I know that I can colour the A-note and B-note in any color but it does not change the link display in top-note, it only affects the path color).

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The links are my most used least favourite feature. I totally want to work with them as objects, change their weight, colour, etc. As they are now it is hard to work with them. I’m glad that they show titles at least in the source and destination excerpts but that is only a half measure.

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Yes sure. Many things could be done in that direction.
However, I think links with lots of notes always turn into a messy structure. That the reason why the minimap that pops-up is a so good idea.
Hence I would not spend to much time in customize link lines but focus on display inside notes.


Thank you so much for your advice!

I have forward this to our developer team, but we might not have a very high priority for this function, so it might take some time before it could happen.

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Support Team