Delete all bookmarks from pdf iOS

Is there a way to delete every bookmark made in a PDF? Often I have to re-read a document and since margin note doesn’t always open to the last place I was reading from a document, I need to create a lot of bookmarks. The problem is, when creating a bookmark from a middle of a document that already has bookmarks towards the end, MarginNote sorts bookmarks numerically page number. This makes adding new bookmarks useless when you’re reading from a middle of the document because there is no way to see which bookmark it is. Those newly created bookmarks in the middle of the document are a huge pain to find in the middle of the created bookmarks list. Unless there was a way to sort bookmarks by last created. Since there’s not, how do I delete all bookmarks on iOS from a document?

Why don’t you use mind map for bookmark option?
Just capture page or the page pieces for revisit, so clicking those nodes on mind map will be enough for bookmark…
You may right about bookmark function critics but I ve been using MN almost 5 years and never had to try bookmark option.

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Hmm, yea, that could work. Will try it.

To suggest a workflow that does use bookmarks: use them sparingly for those one or two pages you absolutely need frequently. I use them for the reference list in textbooks since I’m always having to jump to the references and I don’t want to lose my place in my mind map when I do so. All my other nodes serve as links to places in the documents. Sometimes it can get confusing when I start synthesising documents. At this point I’m usually moving away from the documents and no longer need to refer to them frequently.

So I do use them, but only for mission critical pages while I’m pulling documents which means I have one, maybe two, at most 3 bookmarks per document.