Deleting document from study

When I delete a document inside a study, it asks me if I still want to keep the notes. I select YES, the document is removed but the notes go away as well.

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Notes containing two kinds: Excerpt and Annotation. What’s kind of notes despair?

By the way, tap top-right doc-tab manager. You can reconnect the document to mindmap and every notes will come back.

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Also, I get regular updates of pdf files. There are some changes, but overall mostly the same. Will a relinking work if I have a new updated document ?

Yes, no matter what doc do you relink, all the notes will re-appear based on page number and location.

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Just to clarify: As long as new pages are added at the end of the PDF, the annotations should be fine. If the document changes within pages that were linked before, that will not carry through properly and everything after the changed page might be linked to the wrong text?

My use case would be PDFs of law that might change a little bit and need to be updated periodically. Using the research function doesn’t quite work for this use case.

Thanks for the input.
So it doesn’t save the actual annotations based on the actual text, but on the actual location in the document. So if the new pdf is slightly modified and let’s say the page numbering is changed, it won’t work.

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