Deleting mp3/video but keep annotations

When we want to delete files from study, we have a section for “Removing documents but keep annotations.

It’s beautiful thank you for this, because we can delete “unwanted memory space” of document after editting and making annotations.

But unfortunately we can not do it for “”””mp3/video”””” documents.

There is section okay, but it deletes everything !

Especially when we think about the memory space that video/mp3 files fill, ıt d be beautiful if we can delete the video/mp3 files after we editting and making annotations.

So shortly I want to delete “”””””mp3/video”””””” files AFTER I made some annotations for my mind map.


Hello, we have implemented this feature in version 3.6.9 to delete videos but keep the corresponding excerpts, you can check for the update.
However, to delete the video document right here, instead of in your associated document location, that just unassociates the document from your notebook and doesn’t delete the video.

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Thank you :blush:

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