Good morning. I am a user of Devonthink (which I consider, like many, software superior to Evernote, which I have been a user of for more than 10 years). I would like an export function to Devonthink of the same type as the one already existing to Evernote (including the ability to update an export already made, overwrite previous exports)

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Can you elaborate on how the “Export to Evernote” function is superior to “Export to DEVONthink”?

I use DT but deleted my Evernote account long ago, and I’ve always found MarginNote for macOS’ “Export to DEVONthink” function way too basic.

I’m sorry, I must be misrested. I meant that because I think DEVONthink is superior to Evernote (at least in my workflow), I’d like to have a direct export function to DEVONthink within Marginnote that has the same characteristics as the one I currently export to Evernote (in particular, the ability to overwrite a previous export).

Ah, I understand now. No worries! :slight_smile:

The Mac version supports basic Devonthink export, more advanced export can be customized through the API JS plug-in, which is common between the IOS and Mac versions of MarginNote.

Sorry for my bad english

Oh good! Anyway, I use DEVONthink only on my iPad. Is there the plug in also for iPadOS? If so, where can I find it? Thenk you for informations and sorry for my bad english

Yes, iPadOS and IOS are the same thing, both support the same plugins, but I’m afraid no one has made a MN3 plug-in for iPad version of Devonthink yet. You can export PDF, world directly to devonthink, I remember it is supported!

Ok. Anyway this is my idea (function desired…) for Matginnote developers