Devs, you need a better tutorial for MN4

It’s is honestly like a puzzle trying to figure out how to use MN4. You gave us the link to a “manual”, that vaguely discribe what MN4 wants to achieve but that’s only high level abstract stuff.

We need a descriptive, real-world examples of how to use this MN4 to get the hang of it.

I know you are very busy right now but having a tutorial is a must, especially when you added even more features in MN4.

If you don’t have time, pay Youtube creators to demonstrate how to use MN4.

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I think that one of the huge challenges is that there are so many different ways to use MN. I, for example, never use flash cards so having a tutorial for those would be useless to me.

I mostly use MN to parse academic articles however my field is knowledge management and organisational learning, and my use of the tool is quite unlike a person who uses it as a note taking tool.

I get that a basic tutorial could get one started, but there we then are at a place that is shallow.

What is it that you’d want to use it for? My workflow involves MN, DevonThink, Obsidian primarily and of all of the tools I use, MN is the most closed system of the bunch. I like that I can deep link to cards but that is usually used during a work in progress. Deep linking to DevonThink annotations is much more long term and useful.

Anyway, MN has as many ways to use it as there are users and like any tool in a workflow, it is likely highly specialised to a users needs.

Again, not knowing what one doesn’t know aside, what would you like to see in a tutorial? How would you like to use MN?

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I would like it to show many case-by-case examples. They should really know their audience and what the majority of the users are using it for. If they didn’t do that, they don’t really know their customers and would not know what to prioritize.

My workflow is a typical college student’s workflow. First there’s a main textbook, then lecture notes that are typically ppt pdfs. Some professors prefer teaching by writing bunch of things on a board so you need a handwritten note too.

Combine all that into one place by cross referencing between book, ppt and handwritten note. I think that’s why the devs introduced a study set.

I just want to know how to do this. For now, it’s like a maze.

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I would appreciate those kinds of tutorials, but after using the application for a few years I am doubtful they are ever going to appear and can totally live with that. I do think this forum is a great place for users to share their use cases and tips/tricks - when I first started using the application it helped me to figure quite a few things out. I probably only scratch the surface of what the application can do, so occasionally visit this forum to get new ideas.

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That’s a typical sign of bad UI/UX. You have to come to the official forum to figure out how to do something or search what this icon/button does, where a certain feature is hiding.

It’s ideal to make UI/UX so intuitive that you don’t even need an explanation for such thing but for a very versatile app like Marginnote, I understand a simple UI/UX can’t do all the heavy lifting.

In such case, MN should at least have a good wiki and tutorial videos explaining how to solve this puzzle. Look at Notion. They’re doing great. Notion has a lot of FAQ, wiki, and tutorial videos so if you search google you can find what you need in less than 30 minutes whereas MN you have to post a question on the forum and just hope somebody comes by and answers it. Don’t have to mention that you have to wait at least 2~3 days or even weeks.

Guess the question is relative sizes of the user base and their personnel.

Can you upload YouTube tutorials for MN4?

A lot of links are in Chinese, I think?