Disappearing handwritten notes bug?


I’ve been encountering this bug for the past 2 days of using MN3. Occasionally, my handwritten would disappear (become blank, just like which underneath the “Pressure” node), or appear as a pink block. In addition, new writing on top of the node wouldn’t register. Every time this happens, I would have to kill the app from the process then reopen it, which is annoying. I’m not sure if this only happens to me.

My device is the Ipad Pro (12.9 in) (5th gen), running iPadOS 14.71.


You can switch the setting options here. If it is currently an option of Apple, then just change to MarginNote3.


Kind Regards,
Support Team

Hey thank you for the reply. First, I can’t view the attached image. Second, I’m already using the default Marginnote’s pencil tools, not the Pencilkit tools from Apple, if that’s what you’re suggesting.

To add, this just happens when I go through multiple mindmap cards quickly. So writing something on one card, select a different one to write, repeat, then the handwritting would bug out and disappear.

I see, this problem may be caused by the engine rendering. Sorry, the picture cannot be displayed due to network reasons, I re-uploaded it,You can try it out according to the picture.

Gotcha, I’ll switch over to Marginnote PDF Render Engine. If the problem persists, I’ll post it here. Appreciate your help.