Do mn3 users have to rebuy mn4?

İ ve already bought MN3 ipad and mac versions
i m using Margin note more than 6 years
Does MN3 pro users need to rebuy it again?

@Support-Team @Relight_Support-Team

I have been using MN3 for many years, upgraded to MN4 this morning using the option from your SS and was not charged any $.

Absolutely love MN4, kudos to the MN team.

EDIT: is there no iphone version available yet?

than is there any spupport team member can assist me ? why i charged ?

According to another forum, the iPhone version will be coming in the future. That’s not going to be soon.

If you upgraded from MN2 to MN3 is not support to upgrade to MN4 pro now

is it certain information ?

Yes unfortunately