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I have documents from MN3 that I wish to add into MN4. They have many highlights and I wish to create a new StudySet and add that document. How do I import the highlights into that StudySet please?

Thanks Peter

Export the note book as backup, then open backup with MN4. This will create a new study set with the map and the corresponding documents

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Hi, thanks for responding. I know how to do the study set export and import. I was after a single document. I have imported document with notes into MN4. When I add to a new StudySet, the document adds fine, but the associated notes are not in any mind map.

Then you need to export the document from MN3 as backup and open this in MN4


Thanks for this.

I did as suggested and the document comes in with highlights. However the study set I have created in MN4 and added that document to, does not add any highlighted notes to the study set. In fact the highlighted notes are not selectable. I may have another way I can accomplish my goal.


you can add document excerpts to the mind map either individually or all at once.

Individually: select the excerpt > Add to Mindmap.

In batch: See screenshots below.

First open Card view, select one of the cards from your document and then select the canvas icon.

This view can also be accessed by opening the Canvas view via the left menu and selecting your document.

On the canvas, there is a section “Not in Mindmap”.

Select all notes in that section that you want to add to the Mindmap.

Then open the menu and select “Add to Mindmap”.


Thanks so much for this. I will try this out a little later. Really appreciate your help…

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Oh this works great, thank you. Looks a little different on my large computer screen, but works just the same. Again thank you.

You’re welcome!

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