Document in Study Mode does not open at last page read

When I open a document in study mode it does not open at the last page I was reading and annotating. It opens always at a page that is much earlier in the document. I am using this document on macOS. This happens with every document I open in study mode – they almost never open at the last page read and annotated.

Hello, would you be able to upload some screenshots or videos describing it in detail? That way I can help you better.

Sorry, why? A video will not explain better than what I said above or below.

It’s simple. I am on page 242 and my last note taken links to that page. Or I’m on page 190 or page 220, or whatever. No matter where in the document I made my last note before closing the document, the document always opens at page 143. There’s no bookmark on that page or any obvious reason the document always opens there.

This is just an example. The same sort of “stuck on a page” behavior happens with every document.


Do you have iCloud enabled?

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Yes. I sync with iCloud. But I am not changing (or even looking at) the application on other devices. It’s just on macOS that I am using this notebook.