Document zoom level reset once I switch the document

Hi everyone,

Could you tell me please, if this behaviour is correct.

  1. I’m in a study mode
  2. I’m zooming IN a document.
  3. Then I switch to a different tab with another document and then switch back.
  4. Everything is ok, I see the previous document exactly with the same zoom level.

But, if i’m trying to zoom OUT to the level that is less than 100%:

and then to change my tab to another one and back, then I get the 100% zoom level:

I believe that the same zoom scale rule should be applied every time, and even if I zoomed out and have a scale less than 100, it should remain the same. Chrome browser for example follows this rule if you’re trying to change the scale of the web page.

What do you think about it? Is it a bug?