Drag image to the document screen like mind map screen

I want to add ###images### from web/search engine to the directly document screen
Okay there is a button for this (save image to the device after get this with this button…)
But it’s a waste of time !!!
Like we add to the mind map screen, I want to add image ###directly### to the note/document screen.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion, I have fed back to the development department about the need for enhancements to the image drag and drop feature.


Thank you for answering :blush:

When could I learn the result or get feedback at this issue ?


Hello, this is not supported for the moment, as there are some technical issues.
But it would indeed be more efficient to insert images if this is implemented.

Is there any progress for new update ? :confused:

I’m sorry, but there are no plans to do that. :neutral_face:

Then what the hell are you planning ? It is a basic simplified thing. We waited enough. If not how could the low quality pdf apps succeed on this ?
For dragging basic image to the note itself ; we need “””12””” click!!!

-click the word
-click the copy botton
-Open safari click (because we cannot save the image to the gallery (on ipad) wıth research browsing!!!-it is another problem here-)
-click the google İmage resarch space
-click the paste button
-find the image and click on it
-save the camera roll click
-open again MarginNote app click
-click the useless your picture button
-click the “all photos”
-find the image and click
-click the where we drag on the note

If your lofty plans come across this speciality
We need 3 click !!!;

-click the word
-click the resarch button
-dragging click to the place we need

Dont think about the time
think about the willpower and productivity
You don’t want to use this speciality with 12 clicks!!!


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