Draw links with pencil from PDF to Mindmap

I would love to be able to draw links from the PDF to the Mindmap but also to squeeze the pdf and draw from one place in the pdf to another place like it is in liquidtext.



This is not technically possible at the moment. For what specific content would you like to use such a link? What kind of meaning do you usually convey through this link?

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Support Team

Linking text in PDF and text in existing in Mind-map node is required. This will enable to later just press on that linked text of Mind-map to bring the linked text of PDF and vice-versa. This ability can be seen demonstrated very well by Liquid-text app. This feature is one of the best in Liquid-Text app during studying and looking for relevant linked text on the other side between PDF and Mind-map node text and vice-versa. This linking can also be done to a picture existing in PDF to a picture existing in Mind-map node. This linking should also happen in text to text within the same PDF and also from text in a PDF to another text in a different pdf/document. Similarly in text to text within Mind-map node and to another Mind-map node. Do this, a lot of people will be happy, you will see.


@Support-Team This kind of goes hand-in-hand with a feature that I’ve needed from time to time, there are plenty of workarounds and I use those of course. I often create my own excerpts/interpretations of text in a node that I’d like to connect/link/associate with some part of the document. There seems to be no way of doing this and it is essential for research.

I know the primary focus of the app has traditionally been flashcards but as you add more research capability you’re going to find users who need precisely this kind of functionality. What @Mecdot is proposing with the pencil should be at least possible without the pencil.

Perhaps the functionality is already there and it has eluded me.


I second this request!!! Or 3rd it!