Drawing a link with a pencil from Mind-map node Text to Text in PDF

Linking text in PDF and text in existing in Mind-map node is required. This will enable to later just press on that linked text of Mind-map to bring the linked text of PDF and vice-versa. This ability can be seen demonstrated very well by Liquid-text app. This feature is one of the best in Liquid-Text app during studying and looking for relevant linked text on the other side between PDF and Mind-map node text and vice-versa. This linking can also be done to a picture existing in PDF to a picture existing in Mind-map node. This linking should also happen in text to text within the same PDF and also from text in a PDF to another text in a different pdf/document. Similarly in text to text within Mind-map node and to another Mind-map node.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

This is indeed a very valuable and useful function - our team will soon discuss it.

I guarantee you I personally favour this function very much.

Kind Regards,
Support Team