Easy add way to add comment and merge

When a text is already excerpted and selected. can you please market it easier for us to add comment or merge…

Example i excerpted a word and selected it then using the hand tool

Shortcut to comment: highlight the selected text and release… automatically it will be inserted on the comment section

Shortcut to merge: longpress ang select text and release…
automatically it will be inserted beneath it as merge.

This will allow us to manipulate faster in merging and adding comments and organizing our notes



Wonderful idea. Really need this.

Thank you… for newbies who cant understand this feature , please put this in the option features where we can turn it off or on.


Thank you for your suggestion. I have raised your request to our Development team but we cannot assure a time frame when it will be put into effect. Please feel free to contact us again if you need any assistance and we will be happy to provide further help.

Kind Regards,
Support Team