Easy way to switch between "Merge into" or "Become a child"?

I found myself spent a lot of time dragging a child into its parent to “merge into” the parent. I hope there’s an easier way to do this other than setting the default dragging behavior (since I still drag a node into another node to make it a child). For example, when I hold SHIFT while dragging, it becomes “merge into” instead of “become a child”.


More use of modifier keys is needed in MarginNote in general, and this is a good example.


Hello, thank you for your suggestion, we are still collecting ideas for shortcuts, this is very helpful.

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Hi @Support-Team,

New user here (using real-time in a virtual 5-day conference and LOVING it!) who was just thinking about this.

When dragging info to a topic in a mind map, there are 3 typical things I want to happen:

  1. merge with topic
  2. add as child of topic
  3. add as sibling to topic (ie, at the same level in the outline as the topic). → This would be especially helpful when I want to put something right below an item, but the parent of that item is really far away–so it would take a lot of dragging to drag to the parent, when I just want to put it below the item right by my pen! :stuck_out_tongue:

A potential solution: when something is dragged onto a topic, 3 targets appear, something like:

When dragging over any of the 3 icons, the color of the icon would change to let the user know dropping the item will do the action associated with the icon, which from left to right correspond to actions 1, 2, or 3 above. There could still be a default action if the content is just dragged to the topic in general, so the user doesn’t have to aim carefully. It could also be that the icons don’t show unless the user hovers for a moment over the topic.

Maybe even better (and faster to implement?): when item dragged over a topic, these 3 buttons you already created will appear:

Then, if the user drags on top of any of those, a color change would happen, and then dropping on the icon would lead to actions 1, 2, or 3 above.

By the way, I’m so blown away by MarginNote that I bought the Mac and iOS versions without the educational discount because I am so grateful for this tool and want to support you! :heart:


Good request :smiley:

And I hope you wont lose your sincere thoughts.

Have a great work :jigsaw: