Edu licence code on multiple devices

Hey there !
I’ve puchased marginnote 3 with an edu discount on my imac and activated it , can i use the same activation code to install a copy of the sofware even on my macbook ?
Please help because i’m not shure to have anderstood right the use of it on multiple machines
Thanks a lot

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Yes, it can be used on two devices.

How do I install On 2nd device ?

Then how do I share between devices?

you could set synchronisation using icloud (both services need to use thesame icloud account)

I am willing to pay for 2nd MN APP - but I still cannot find a way to access the files created on device1 in device 2. I share on drive, I email, I send over the url = how??? Can I run the notebook on the second device>???


in other thread you mentioned about your’s son device

  • if you use the same apple ID on both devices after you do setup of icloud it’s should automatically sync

  • on ios you could easily enable icloud sync, on mac probably the same way

Unfortunately the company doesn’t implement yet any sort of airdrop:( As far as I know, i am not related to it