Educational discount

Hi MN3 Team,

I am new to this platform & MN3. I am not sure if this the right place to ask this. So forgive me in case it isn’t. I have messaged ‘moderators’ via this platform regarding educational discount. Is that the procedure? Can support team guide me through it?

Also, is educational discount only for MacOS or is it available for iPad as well?

For more info on our education or upgrade code for MarginNote 3 on Mac, please read our guideline here and submit the info required.
Since the Mac platform and the IOS platform are traditionally independent payment systems from Apple, they are subject to the Apple AppStore policy, that is you can only use them on mobile terminals such as Iphone and Ipad (IOS / IpadOS platforms) after purchasing on the mobile terminal. For use on the Mac platform, a separate purchase authorization is required.
Due to App Store restrictions, we cannot provide educational discounts on IOS / IpadOS platforms. The educational discounts only offer on the macOS platform.
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Okay. Thanks