Empty / white Note Card


I have a bug, where my edited note cards are sometimes empty on other devices.
Those notecards have handwritten notes I cannot read.
marginnote is on the newest update.
If I open the note it’s still empty. I can only read this note currently on my iPad. But on Mac it’s empty.
I tried to delete the mindmap notebook from the mac and download it again from cloud but the notes are still empty. On my iPhone I can read the handwritten notes but some other notes I wrote with the text editor are not readable. Restarting marginnote also doesn’t work.
I wrote the handwritten notes on my iPad but on Mac there are sometimes not readable / empty.

I think the empty notes are the newest note cards I created or changed. So the newest note cards are not correctly send to my mac.

After trying a lot I found a workaround so the notecards will appear with their content. Wenn I open the note card on my ipad. Enable the pencil feature. Make one stroke. Erase the stroke again and then disable the pencil feature the content appears on my mac. Maybe this workaround will help you find the bug.

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Try backing up the note and exporting it to a mac

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