Epub gets returned to first page when i switch between apps!


Every time i switch between MN to other apps while reading epub file, MN return the position of the epub file to the first page pf the chapter that I’m reading, the same also happens for the audio file that I’m simultaneously using with the epub as an audio book in multi view. Could someone help me regarding this issue whether the audio file (mp3) or the epub?


Thanks for the information provided.
Yes, it’s indeed a problem. We’ll fix it as soon as possible. But I recommend you to transfer ePub files to PDF format at first, because MN3 doesn’t support all functions for ePub documents.

Thanks for the reply @Kevin_Support-Team . Then what about mp3 files?!
whenever i switch the app and come back, the player sets it back to 0 second. My work setting is using the MN3 as audiobook while following the page, I use Goodreader app and that doesn’t happen. I think the memory management of MN3 has some issues. If i return within 5 seconds then the epub and the mp3 file still held their last position and more than that, all positions are lost except for the pdf.

Please fix the Audio sooner…

Yes, we will also fix this problem very soon.