Epub Rendering / Styles

Hello, I just wanted to note that epub rendering is still lacking basic typography CSS.

It creates a lot of empty pages with slivers of cover images and misaligned embeds. To compare, try getting a drm free epub with some images (this could be the cover and simple things like publisher logos) and import it to MN, and then import it to commercial readers like Nook etc to see the difference.

Some obvious ones:

  • Cover images that are long create a second page with the bottom part of the cover image rather than fitting screen while keeping aspect ratio
  • Images are not center aligned / well spaced and often fall to the left
  • Typography doesn’t have size hierarchy, everything is the same size. Heading1 Heading2 Heading3 should have a scale
  • Text Alignment(justify/left rag) and Margin Control are missing as well as paragraph spacing
  • Not enough control over ‘theme’, might be simpler to offer direct color choices

There are many typography boilerplates (starting templates) for Less/CSS that you can choose to begin with that would fix some of this.
https://matejlatin.github.io/Gutenberg/ (without the JS)


Hello, sisyphus . Sorry for the bad experience.

Thank you for sharing the open source project, it really helps us a lot and I have submitted your suggestions to the development department.


@Edward_Support-Team Thank you for your response, there are many out there, some easier to use than others. Please let me know if I can help develop or test some implementation.

I do fully agree. The overall typography seems unbalanced and is simply not pleasant to read.
How the Apple Books app lays out text is sheer bliss to look at compared to MarginNote.