ePub sources and export / import process

I would like to annotate eBooks. I know Marginnote supports ePub formats.

I have tried and failed to import an ePub book (purchased from Kobo) into Marginnote as you can only read an ePub book on their own app. I am desperately looking for a system where I can find my desired book (across more than one site if it cannot be found at my preferred site)

I would appreciate clarity surrounding:

  • How should I go about if I want to import an ePub into my Marginnote?
  • What are recommended sites to find ePubs to import?
  • (Possibly) Any sites which you found this is not a possibility (as I found with Kobo)?
  • What is the process to input it into Marginnote? This will probably be different for each site.
  • I have read on the forum that, when given the choice, that I should try and convert ePubs into PDFs to have greater annotation capabilities. How can this be done (could also be specific to each site)?


Are you sure the ebook you downloaded from Kobo was not DRM-protected? If so, I don’t think you can simply transfer to other ebook programs and read it. That also prevents you from converting to PDF as a result. You’ll have to find a site to buy ePubs that are not DRM protected.

yes, they were probably DRM protected. What sites have ePubs that aren’t DRM protected?

Kobo ebook is DRM-protected. there are many ways to remove Kobo DRM, after that I still fail to import epub into Marginnote. is any solution about this ?

Use Automator to create a script that strips the DRM via a web site, converts to PDF, and then just work from PDF?

Or use Calibre to remove DRM