ePub text going missing on MacOS app only

Hi. I am having a problem with several of my ePubs. I successfully import them and highlight and notate them on both the Mac and on iOS devices as they are shared via cloud. Then all of the sudden when I open them in the Mac app, there are no pages, no text, no contents. These files still show up just fine in the iOS apps, but are dead in the water on my Mac. They usually have at least 100 notes or more. Other epubs are showing up fine on the Mac, even ones with lots of notes, too.

I have tried restarting the app, but no luck. I have tried deleting the local Mac copy and re-importing the cloud copy. No luck. I have not updated anything on this computer during the period that these files went from being usable on the Mac until they stopped.

Any ideas?


Hello, are you sure you have started cloud sharing? It can't be displayed on MAC, but it can be displayed on iPad. Have you tried to change the network

Kind Regards,
Support Team