Error exporting notebook

Hi, Trying to export some notes from a notebook, but I always get an error regarding some XML/unicode character. Yet, it doesn’t matter what notes do I focus on. In the indented notes, even if I focus on a line with only three notes inside it (to export just them), I still get the error.

Trying in very different parts of that notebook (different articles and subarticle parts) doesn’t change anything.

Exported from another notebook and I didn’t have that problem there, so it seems it only happens in this one. But I’m not even exporting the documents nor the mindmaps, only the notes.
Also I disabled the only extension that I have, and it doesn’t change it.

Also Marginnote has closed twice during the process, but the two times was in different moments.

I needed to work on this now. Hope you can offer some help… Thanks in advance,

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 18.40.54



You can help figure out why by sending me this notebook via forum private message.

Kind Regards,
Support Team