Error on math symbols in Note while highlighting contexts


I am reporting that it seems a bug. Otherwise, I wish it will be updated for the next version of MarginNote.
As shown in the captured picture, math symbols are not well identified in a note card.

Can you update to identify well the math symbols while highlighting math contexts?

Kind regards,

Hi, this should be related to the text layer of the PDF. You can copy this text and paste it into any text box to see if it displays properly.

Thank you for your reply. As you said, I pasted it into any text box to check whether math symbols display well or not. I understand it is an another function to do. I don’t know which of text programs can do. So, I wish there is a function to identify well the math symbols when pasting the copied math contexts in MarginNote.
If not, it is still an unsolved matter ever in any word or text processing apps.


Hello, this is currently technically impossible to achieve. Do you know of any software that can convert OCR recognized formulas into Latex? If you can provide some reference, it would be of great help to us.

I have a proposal for a solution, though it is somewhat inelegant. How about giving the option to save an excerpt as an image instead of using OCR to convert it to text? Similar to the rectangle tool, but it won’t capture extra words at the beginning and end.

I read a lot of chemical engineering papers and textbooks and the OCR often outputs gibberish when I’m trying to excerpt something with an equation since there are a lot of special symbols and subscript and superscripts. I actually end up using the rectangle tool anyways, but it ends up capturing unwanted text before and after the desired excerpt.

Apologies if there is already a solution to this.