Evernote Export Issue on iPad OS

Hi there,
I am testing MarginNote 3 right now and I really love the app.

The only thing that’s not working is the export into Evernote. When I export my notes the first time from a new studybook it all works fine. But if I read and study in that book further and I export it again the new notes are not syncing to Evernote.

Maybe I do anything wrong? Pleas could you help me?


Hello, Primajudy,

Welcome to the MarginNote Forum. Thanks for the information provided.
Please log out your Evernote account and try to log in again. If the same things happen again, don’t hesitate to tell me.


Hi Bryan,

After a fresh login, Evernote export still doesn’t work. I managed to get it to work only once and it only exported an image of the mindmap. The two question dialogs come up asking whether documents and mindmap should be exported. After that, nothing.

Hello, spunkmeyer,

Thanks for the information provided. And there’s a good news for you, the Evernote export issue has been solved at version 3.6(Beta), please stay tuned.

MN Support Team